Friday, June 29, 2012

Address Security concern in general with the Enterprise Mobility CoE


 As we know Enterprise Mobility CoE continuously tracks technology developments in this space to develop offerings that address specific needs of their different-different verticals customers. It’s the age of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and  I.T. security professionals need a proven way to enforce and extend identity governance from the enterprise across a plethora of mobile devices. The security challenges into the Mobility CoE trends pose for customers and address them with the following competencies: 
   1. Integrating login authentication with customers existing active directory server
   2. Implementing Two-Factor / Two-Channel Authentication. Some of recommended solutions are below
  • Verification through SMS
  • Validating DeviceID along with UserID
  • Integrating "RSA Secure ID" services
  • Integrating with third party seamless services such as SecureAuth, PhoneFactors, etc. 
     3. Data encryption & compression for offline data storage
     4. Integrated admin tools that will provide unified admin experience for different mobile 
     5. Identify Management (IdM)
     6. Single Sign-on (SSO)
     7. Security Token Services


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